Saturday, December 9, 2023

The pending loss of a Civil Rights era landmark building in Meridian

fielder-brooks-drug-store-cofo-building-2505-fifth-street-meridian-ms-national-register-of-historic-places-photographBy: Tom Freeland,, Blogger
Regular readers of this blog are familiar with the sad story of the gradual collapse of the store at Money, Mississippi, where essential events leading up to the murder of Emmett TIll occurred in the Summer of 1955.
There’s a similarly sad tale recounted on the Mississippi Historic Preservation site, about the planned demolition of the building that held the COFO civil rights organization’s offices in Meridian in the 1960s.  This building was a drug store serving the black community and had been built in 1879.
It is most famously Mickey Schwerner’s office as the director of COFO there, and where he, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman worked before traveling to Philadelphia to visit the site of a burned church on the day they were murdered by Klansmen working out of the sheriff’s department.
The link above contains the details about unavailing efforts to save this building, and the current plan to demolish it as unsalvageable.
The photo above, from the Mississippi Historic Preservation site, is the August 28, 2006 National Register of Historic Places Photograph, Todd Sanders Photographer
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