Saturday, January 28, 2023

Chopper Hocker Tries to Recycle Dentures at Oxford Pawn

Hi there! Funny weather we’re having, huh?

In an story posted two weeks ago, we told you about Oxford Pawn Shop owner W.A. Allgood, who says he can help in a pinch.
Turns out Allgood can help with your bite as well.
That’s what the 20+-year Oxford businessman did when an elderly lady came in to his shop on North Lamar, right before you get to 3-Way, wanting to pawn her false teeth. Well, Allgood tries to help folks out, not take advantage of them and this lady really needed the money he claims. So Allgood made the deal trying to help the woman out of her predicament, but warning her, “You’ll have to put those choppers in a glass of Clorox or something.”
The customer in need complied and returned to retrieve her dentures shortly thereafter.
But the chopper hocker wasn’t done with Allgood. However attractive his upbeat name, problems had driven the financial fortunes of his smiling customer straight downhill. Everything certainly wasn’t “all good” for anyone. She came back a few weeks later wanting to hock her dentures again.
That’s when W.A. Allgood put his ethics where his desperate customer’s mouth was. “I told her I did it just once to be helpful and to say I have a gently used pair of choppers smiling on my shelf,” he said. ‘”Can’t do it again’ I had to tell her.”
Allgood, who is first cousins with Oxford emergency manager Jimmy Allgood, is proud of the service he provides with his pawn shop. He says business got a little goose from his recent interview. Out-of-state potential customers and a man who bought a pistol and ordered another credit their interest to seeing the article on the Web Site.
“We have something new everyday and each person that walks through the doors is a different situation,” Allgood said. “However, hopefully people realize a lot of what they see on TV is strictly Hollywood-hype. You don’t have a buddy on hand that knows something about everything. There’s a need for a pawn shop because you can bring something in here or borrow money against the item. You can borrow $10 here, whereas, if you go to a bank, you probably can’t borrow less than $1500.”
Oxford Pawn’s gun and ammo sales are one of their biggest sources of business, if not the primary. Allgood said they pawn a lot of guns each year.
“We handle a lot of hunting guns when it comes to pawns,” he said. “But we also deal in a lot of handguns and most of those are new. A lot of people think everything in a pawn shop is used, but that’s not the case. We also have new items.”
Allgood loved his first article but said he accidentally provided the wrong telephone number to the shop. The correct number to call Oxford’s purveyor of pawn is 662-236-1056.
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