Saturday, January 28, 2023

Head West, Young Man

Have you seen him?
He’s a short little man with round blue eyes and a blue handlebar mustache. He’s the Man, and yes, some have suggested that this wildly popular figure should take the place of the liked-only-by-small-children Ole Miss Bear as the university’s official mascot. That’s just a rumor of course with no more substance than rumors about strip clubs or houses of ill repute.
But I do think Mr. Man is a lot cuter and more relevant than the darn bear.
Anyway, the Man is officially on a world tour and although the initial sighting have mainly been in Oxford, we finally have an out-of-state appearance to bring you here as the little guy made it out West to Bigfork, Mon.
So here’s your chance to help us take Man everywhere Ole Miss and Oxford fans may travel. Print out his picture on the home page and snap a selfie with him and you. Send it in to us at and help us make our little man a Red Hot Rebel ambassador to the world.

Bill Tucker
Bill Tucker (OM class of 1960) has taken Man to Bigfork, Mon. Bill and wife, Ann, live in Bigfork but are from Oxford and Tupelo They come home frequently and are loyal Rebel fans. Hotty Toddy, Bill and Ann and thanks for the photo!

2014-02-14 07.51.21
He never wrote about HT Man, but we like to think he would have been a fan.

Real dogs are a bit of a menace to HT Man. He makes for good paper training material.

2014-02-14 07.47.19
OPD knows Hotty Toddy Man has their six.

Stuffed animals love him except maybe for bears.