Thursday, August 18, 2022

Board Passes Sunday Alcohol Sales on Premises

The Snackbar is known for its great cocktails.

The Board of Alderman passed an ordinance that will allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays in restaurants and bars from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. on all Sundays. The change is effective March 23 and several Square-located restaurant are considering opening Sundays to take advantage of the new provision.
“Mayor Pat Patterson commented before the vote that he was open to the change but “Could not understand how the sale of alcohol on Sundays could possibly improve the character of the community. Alderman Ulysses Howell, who was the only “nay” vote on the ordinance, questioned whether passage would have a negative impact on the Monday morning workforce.
In a sometimes contentious discussion, lawyers for the proposed Blake senior care facility and homeowners of the Wellsgate development debated whether the Board should consider granting water and sewer service to the proposed facility. Approved by the Planning Department and denied by the Planning Commission, the Board heard the request on appeal.
After a petition was presented with 649 resident names objecting to the construction of the senior care facility adjacent to residential neighborhoods, the Board blocked the developers of the facility by failing to make a motion to consider the request.
Another ordinance change called for an amendment in building height requirements on the Square from 35 to 38 feet. Tim Akers, city planner, said the change would acknowledge that all 11 recent building projects on the square had requested height variances and all had been granted.  
The First Reading of a proposal to amend the existing tree ordinance requires a couple of changes: When tree surveys are required, affected trees will have to be identified if they qualify as as “heritage” trees. Also, homes valued over $250,000 in development areas requiring site plan approval their removal will have to be offset with other tree plantings at a higher level than previously. A public hearing on the ordinance will take place at the next Board meeeting
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