Wednesday, February 1, 2023

New Name, Ongoing Partnership for Oxford School Foundation


If the name Oxford School District Foundation (OSDF) has a familiar ring to it, that’s because it’s an organization that has been helping Oxford schools maintain their excellence for more than 25 years.
OSDF is the new name for the Oxford Endowment for Public Education. Back in 1986, the local non-profit began raising money to help teachers get the extras they need to give students more hands-on and experiential learning. Last year alone, the organization distributed $19,000 in grants.
But Oxford is growing and so are the needs of our schools, so OSDF is now hoping to expand its impact on local education and is re-imagining itself.
“The new name more clearly reflects our mission to enhance classroom learning in the Oxford School District. But it also speaks to our vision for the future: to become a more robust fundraising organization capable of giving our top-notch teachers the extra resources they need to provide exceptional learning opportunities for all students,” said Meridith Wulff, OSDF president.
All of the group’s good work is thanks to support from individuals, families and businesses in the community. Membership chair Allyson Best says this year, the goal is to double the number of people who say they want to be a part of improving Oxford schools.
“Memberships are our sole source of funding for our grants and 100 percent of those membership dollars are awarded into our classrooms,” said Best. “Our teachers are writing their grant applications now, and all memberships received before March 15 will be awarded this school year.”
In addition to awarding grant money to Oxford teachers, OSDF sponsors the Charger Challenge, a fall celebration of athletics and academics. This year, OSDF is also working to pre-sell 300 specialty car tags, which will enable the Oxford School District to have its own distinctive tag. Proceeds from the sale of the tags will benefit the public education of children in the Oxford School District.
For more information about the car tag campaign or to become a member of OSDF, log on to and you’ll find all the necessary information at our link under the “Resources” tab.
– Meridith Wulff is President of the Oxford School District Foundation. She can be contacted by calling 662-832-0633 or emailing