Saturday, December 9, 2023

Carson Otter and Family Reflect on 5K Run Last Week
An Ole Miss student who ran into major trouble this past fall now has a whole team of supporters running for him.
Carson Otter, an Ole Miss senior, was assaulted in Austin, Texas while visiting for the Ole Miss vs. Texas football game. He suffered a fractured skull and significant brain trauma from the attack.
After undergoing brain surgery and weeks of grueling rehabilitation, Otter and his family are finally starting to get back on their feet. He is now back at school and beginning to return to his normal routine.
“I try not to even think about what happened there, besides the fact that it’s just time to move on, and everyone is moving on with me,” said Carson Otter.
On Wednesday, Otter and fellow members of the Sigma Nu fraternity were moving on, literally. Aware of the steep costs that come with such serious procedures and extended recovery time, the fraternity and Ole Miss hosted the Otter 5k Run.
“To see this come together for him, knowing what he’s gone through, means the world to us, and to his whole family,” said Candy Otter. “We’re very grateful.”
Nearly 40 runners from the Oxford and Ole Miss communities participated in the run, while dozens of others donated to the cause. Ecstatic to be surrounded by friends and family, Otter and his sisters also took part in the race and crossed the finish line together.
“For every step I take, there’s a big group of people taking one step with me,” said Otter.
– Written story and video by Wiley Anderson and Natalie Wood, students in the Meek School of Journalism and New Media