Wednesday, December 6, 2023

In the News — Huffington Post Rates Oxford "Charming"

The lights of a truly charming southern town.

The Huffington Post has something very nice to say about Oxford in a March 21 post.
You’re kidding, you say! Isn’t this reliable liberal web site normally more than eager to take our town to task for stories like the Meredith statue defilement and the Laramie Project incident from last year.
That’s all true, but lets give credit where credit is due for acknowledging Oxford as one of the more “charming” towns in Dixie. In fact, Oxford was the first town on the list. Here’s an excerpt from the longer post:

“The South can be pretty damn charming, true, and there is certainly more to it than places like Nashville or Charleston (which are admittedly great).There are some cute towns strewn across the region, each with their own unique vibes that make us want to visit stat.Here are 9 places you’re definitely missing out on.OXFORD, MISSISSIPPIFaulkner called this small northern Mississippi town home and it shows. There’s still a strong literary scene here but it can be argued that the main event is Ole Miss football — the campus still has a speed limit of 18mph to honor favorite son Archie Manning’s one-time jersey number (to be fair, the campus changed the speed limit on Manning Way to 10mph to honor Archie’s son, Eli, and his second Super Bowl win.)”

The link to the whole story is here:

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