Friday, December 2, 2022

Host of Golden Daffodils Among Other Oxford Spring Delights

2012-01-05 06.53.17
The sun is rising and a lonely driver climbs the hill to work.

A sunny spring morning in Oxford started at 7 a.m. with the first faint pink glow of the sun from the top of the hill off North Lamar.
A stop in the Square offered the perfect soft light to frame the Courthouse in welcoming splendor. A little later the sun has risen higher to highlight the brilliant colors of assorted blooms.
2012-01-05 07.24.24
The chilly morning air causes the blooms to close up.

But a little later the flowers are dancing in the bright sunlight.

Nothing is more inviting that “A host of golden daffodils,” Wordsworth said, and the poet was right, except that the artificial colors of a man-made bottle tree on the corner of Adams and North 14th don’t offend nature, but seem to complement her in diversity and imagination.

Golden daffodils seem to be everywhere this spring in Oxford.

The bottle tree was born in the imaginations of ancient peoples who believed the bottles would keep away bad spirits.

And finally Ole Miss students travel along the paths and sidewalks of their beautiful campus, perhaps not fully aware of the role that nature plays in their education and their university experience. But their step is a bit lighter in the sunlight with the brilliant colors of plants and flowers and gentle grassways surrounding them.

A beautiful campus makes the going a little easier for these Ole Miss students this morning.

  Story and photos by Andy Knef and Sarah Beth Wiley. Knef is editor and Wiley is creative director of