Friday, February 3, 2023

Help Pave the Powerhouse Sculpture Garden
Fans of the arts in Lafayette County now can put a personalized paver in front of the Powerhouse to show some love, while helping make the building’s welcoming sculpture garden more versatile.
The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council’s sculpture garden and green space in front of the Powerhouse Community Arts Center first opened in 2012, showcasing sculptures from Mississippi artists. New installations occur annually. The plaza currently is graded in gravel and serves an attractive entrance to the Powerhouse. Now, YAC is calling on community help to make the sculpture garden and green space into a more versatile area.
“By paving the space with bricks, we will be able to create a durable, weather-resistant plaza,” says Wayne Andrews, YAC director. “This will allow us to offer a wider variety of programs, including outdoor art markets, art classes, performances, and events.”
Andrews says that by purchasing pavers, people will not only help fund the renovation of the space but also set in stone their honor of a loved one, promote their business, or just sign their name.
For more information about how to donate and other ways to help, click here.
Founded in 1975, the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council is committed to a diverse offering of artistic and cultural opportunities. Each year, YAC creates and delivers an exciting package of projects, programs, and good works in the spirit of its mission to the community.