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2014 Coolest Mom Contest Submissions

Oxford’s Coolest Mom Contest is in full swing and submissions are pouring in!
To honor the fantastic mom’s of Oxford, we will be posting the submissions here. Good luck to all the mom’s and, kids, if you haven’t nominated your mother, you should! CLICK HERE to find out how she could win more than $400 in pampering from local businesses!
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Kalajini Seliha, submitted by Shaesha Kumrarkulaingham
My mom is very kind and caring. She always wants us to be safe, but she also has some rules that we have to follow such as:

  1. don’t fight with siblings
  2. try to eat all your food
  3. don’t go to far from home so you wont get lost (safety issue)
  4. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it
  5. Don’t get in trouble at school
  6. Don’t come in the kitchen while she is cooking

All of these listed are my moms’s special rules and we obey the rules just as she says. Also she works really hard as well as keeping us safe and healthy so I think she is the number one mom in the world!
Sandy Bishop, submitted by Sharmon Norwood
My mom is a fighter, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and through it all she has tried to remain positive and upbeat. She puts everyone before herself. She always is helping others. I wish she knew how great she was. I love my mom and would love for her to feel special for a day!
Janice Holland, submitted by Rikki Ferguson
Where do you begin in telling the world that your mom is the best! My mom has supported me through everything in my life. She is my rock. Growing up, I really put my mother through a lot. I lived an outrageous life style. She never gave up on me! She was always there to pick me up and tell me that she loved me no matter what. And for that I am eternally thankful. I am who I am today because of the love she gave and continues to give. She is my best friend. I love her so very much. She has taught me more in life than I can ever return. God blessed me when He chose Janice Holland as my mother. I love you Mom!!
Lucy Alvarado, submitted by Jazmin Alvarado
I honestly don’t know how my mother does it. She has given up her life but still has this spunk and positive attitude about her. She always told me that no matter what is going on, you can find something positive to be grateful for. When my brother was four and I was two, he was diagnosed with autism. My father left as most people can’t handle all of the stress of raising a disabled child. My mother has three children including myself and has raised us all as a single mother. These days,my mother spends her days driving my brother to work. There are no work programs in our area for adults wi special needs so she drives him half and hour to work, half an hour back and then does it all over again in the afternoon to pick him up and bring him home. She takes him to basketball practice and ensures that he lives a quality life like a normal adult man. She doesn’t have any free time since he cannot be left alone. Dating? Working? She’s given all that up to be there and care for him and for us. Times have been hard and money has been tight but she gives every penny she has to provide a roof over our head and food on the table. I work hard everyday and am inspired by the strength of my mother. She deserves the world and I wish I could give it to her. I would love nothing more than to win this for her and show her that I’m not e only one who sees how special she truly is. Thank you.
Wanda Roberson, submitted by Whitney Crow
My mom is my best friend and the greatest mom on earth. She is a devoted mother who loves God, her husband, her kids, and her entire family with her whole being. She is the type of mom that always puts her family’s and other’s needs before her own. Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of living in the same town as my mom.
She lives in Indianola, MS, and there she is busy working at her and my dad’s business and taking care of my brother, who became disabled and blind after a battle with Encephalitis in 2012. Although her life has changed over the past couple of years, she continues to send praises to the Lord for all that He has blessed us with. She is a true inspiration to me and others on a daily basis.
She is 54 years old and still tackles everyday like a 20 year old woman. I am proud to call her my mom, and I hope that when God blesses me with children that I can raise them like she raised me. I hope that she is chosen for this wonderful prize so that y’all can meet my amazing mother. Have a blessed day! And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms that are entered into the contest!
Zelma Joiner, submitted by Geriandi Jackson
To put this long extraordinary story in a short summary. My mom (Zelma Joiner Cosby) is the “Best Mom” ever because of her heart! She is a 74 year old woman who has excelled through her life. She has been a STRONG woman as long as I have known her (not telling my age). The largest task and most giving thing she has taken on dealing directly with my life is raise me as her daughter.
My biological mother (her sister) passed when I was only 10 months old, and Zelma stepped up to raise her sisters child. I have always known that she is my aunt, however growing up with her as my mother figure, she has been called my Mom from the start. I admire her courage and strength that she has shown me and taught me to be as a grown woman myself. She raised myself and her own daughter as a single parent for years. And if I don’t say myself she has done an exceptional job. I love her for it, and there is nothing more I could have asked for.
To me that shows character and sacrifice. Not many people can say they would actually do it if honestly came to their plate, but she did. Both myself and her biological daughter turned out OK!.
I would be so honored and grateful if you were to select my mother Zelma Joiner Cosby for this Best Mom Ever Contest.
Kay Bounds, submitted by Ashely Freeman
My mom is the strongest, most amazing woman I know. Not only is she a 30+ year cancer survivor, who was told, she would never see me grow up. But, she is a major heart patient. She has amazed doctors all over, when they find out just how much damage her heart has. One of her heart doctors told her, he did not know how her heart was even still beating. And, with a beautiful smile on her face, she told him, “Because of God!”. She lights up a room when she walks into it. I swear she has a direct line to God when she prays. And, no matter how bad she feels or what she is facing with the 20+ surgeries she has had so far, you would never know it, she always has a smile on her face and a song in her heart. And, as I write this, she’s in another surgery right now. The last thing she told me before they took her in was, “I love you baby girl. We got this!”. She is still, with everything going on with her, the 1st person who will say, “What can I do to help? How can I pray for you?” when someone is in need. She will do for other 1st before herself. We actually have to tell her to slow down and take a moment for herself. She is my rock, my hero and my best friend. She is the cheering Nana on the football side lines, the proud Scout Nana, who spends sleepless hours hands stitching Boy Scout Order of the Arrow regalia. She is the amazing wife to the love of her life since she was 18. She is the daughter who manages to balance her parent’s doctors appointment and aging health, along with hers. She is the sister that her sister and brother rely on. I thank God daily that he hand picked her to be my Momma! She deserves to be pampered.
Connie McCluskey, submitted by Meagan McDonald
My mom rules because she is the most giving person I know. She teaches kindergarten at Lafayette and cares for those children as much as she does my brother and me. She loves unconditionally and never asks for anything. She is the most selfless person I know. She cares for 20 or so children all day then comes home and cares for our family including her own mother, who now lives with her. Very rarely does she ever get a moment alone with my dad or by herself. She is always giving her time and energy to everyone else. She is an encouragement to everyone she encounters. Not only does she give her time at school and home, but also at church. She has devoted many selfless years to our children’s program at church and has touched so many lives I could not even begin to count. She is always thinking of others and prayerful of needed situations. We have had many friends encounter circumstances that no one should ever face and my mom is always the first to drop whatever she is doing and support those families through meals, prayer, phone calls and loving visits. My mom never spend money on herself. I had to beg her to get a pedicure for my wedding. She was more concerned with my day being perfect than trying to pamper herself. She deserves a break and to know that her love and time has not gone unnoticed.
Donna Walker, submitted by Julie Gatlin
My mom is my rock! She is the best grandmother to my two children!
Brandie House, submitted by Miranda House
My mom rules because she is such a genuine woman. She loves people, and will do anything in her power for anyone regardless if she knows them or not! My mom never treats herself to anything. She is always busy providing or taking care of my younger sister and I or helping out my daddy. She deserves so much, and we want to make this Mother’s Day one she will never forget!
Dawn Shoffner, submitted by Kara Shoffner
My mom is such a caring person! She would do anything for her children and grandchild! She always has my back, and loves her family unconditionally! My mom is the BEST!
Darla White, submitted by Blake White
There are many reasons why my mom is the coolest and why she deserves an awesome mothers day gift!! To start off my Mom’s name is Darla, and my dad is not Alfafa or Spanky or Buckwheat, but it would make her that more awesome if it was the case. Her and my dad recently were able to purchase a Harley, which has been their dream toy since I could remember. My mother had my older sister when she was still in high school and got married prior to having her. She had to forgo her senior basketball season which meant she gave up any shot of going to college where she received numerous offers. Out of high school, she went straight into the work field providing for our family. She has given everything to our family with selflessness and without hesitation. Ten years ago this May will mark the death of her father, my grandfather. It was actually a very sad weekend as where he passed on that Friday, it was Mother’s day that sunday, and her birthday two days later. Let’s just say that see has not had a pleasant Mother’s day experience in the past decade. But I would say she enjoys my sugarless homemade icecream, since I am a diabetic, and she is the only one who will eat the batch with me, even though it taste like a liquid eraser. My mom always makes new friends when she walks in the room and not afraid to give it all she has for her family and friends. My mom is the best of all because she’s hot blooded… you can check her and see.. I bet she’s got a fever of a hundred and three. (that’s one of her favorite songs by the way)
Lynda Addington, submitted by Melanie Addington
Most people know my mom as the Oxford Mom as she adopts all out of town filmmakers when they come to Oxford either for the film festival or to work. She has opened her doors to many filmmakers to stay at her house, has cooked and baked for many an event and lends her support to everyone. Her official title at the film festival is now the Oxford Mom. She deserves a treat as she never gets recognized as more than Melanie’s Mom. For once, she should get her own recognition!
In the photo (below) – Me, Roger Avary, Oxford Mom and Daniel Lee Perea.
Amanda Povall Tailyour, submitted by Ian Tailyour
She has traveled all over the world, she has flown on Air America in Laos during Viet Nam war from Bangkok to Vientiane, Laos. The height of the Vietnam War. She has lived in Japan. She has visited numerous countries from Sri Lanka to the Falkland Islands. She has worked for Senators, she has met Presidents, Captains of Industry. She married the coolest guy in the world, My Father. She loves Scotland. She went to law school 22 years after raising a family, and graduated top of her class, and now practices law. Mom always fed us good Southern food, always had family meals. She believes and values friends, and a quality lifestyle.
And most of all, why my Mother is the coolest Mother; she put up with all the nonsense and bull I put her through growing up as a pain in the butt teenager. I love you Mom xoxox!
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Debbie Kallaher, submitted by Kristin Kallaher
My mom is not only an awesome mom to me, but has also been an awesome “mom” to thousands of children in the greater Memphis area during her lifetime. As director of the 5-star Calvary Place Childcare in Memphis, she works everyday in the service of children and their parents. Whenever I visit, everyone tells me how awesome my mom is when they find out I’m her daughter, but they don’t have to tell me; I’ve known how much she RULES since the day I was born!
Jackie Wheeler, submitted by Michelle Wheeler
There is no ONE reason why my mom rules! Aside from the fact that she brought me into this world and made sure that I made it this far …. my mom has always made sure that I never hurt for anything, made sure that my dreams came true, and she still busts her rear in the real world while maintaining a happy home. She works non-stop and deserves some pampering. Love you mom, you’re the greatest!!!
Angela Box, submitted by Nathaniel Box
My mom loves me so much! She gets me dressed and off to school every morning. We go on walks through our new neighborhood almost every night before she makes my dinner. On the weekends, we spend most of our time playing in the yard together. I like to help her with projects around the house, and she always lets me do some of the work myself. On my way to bed every night, my mom always reads me three stories, and then “Mun more!”
One of the most amazing things about my mom is what she does for others. As on occupational therapist, she travels all over Northern Mississippi helping (mostly underprivileged) children learn to interact better with their environments. Recently, she has taken up the cause of a young girl from Marks, MS, named Shambrica, who needs help raising money for a new wheel chair. My mom has set up a trust and, with the help of some MBA students at Ole Miss, raised thousands of dollars for Shambrica’s cause.
Despite all of her responsibilities, my mom is always there to play trucks or watch tractor videos. She is my favorite person in the world, and she is more than qualified to be “Oxford’s Coolest Mom.”
Amanda Bundren, submitted by John-Richard Bundren
My mom is the best because she loves me and everybody around her. She also helps people out because she is a nurse at a hospital. Another reason she is the best is she supports me and my family and puts food in my mouth and a roof over my head.
Kookilampal Ramaiyah, submitted by Anuratha Kanakanu
My mom has her own way and rules for everything: for us 3 children to succeed in life, to achieve our goals, and to make our dreams and wishes come true. She strives to make us happy, to keep us failure, to prevent us from harm and sickness, and to have a healthy lifestyle with long lasting wealth. She wants us us to be peaceful and to teach us all the moral qualities.
She is kind and does not offer harsh punishments. We have our family weekends together, cook, watch movies and accepts the things that we buy or do for her. We always try our very best to follow her rules since it’s for our own good and moms are always right. Today, we are someone just because of her and with the help of our dad too. We love you, Mom.
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