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The Daily Crime Report for April 23

The Lafayette County Metro Narcotics Division conducted a spring operation in the past week, and recovered 587 grams of marijuana; seven dosage units of Xanax; 39.4 grams of THC Wax; 4 grams of THC Oil; 11 weapons; $8,344 of currency and 29 arrests.
Those arrested were Jeremy Word – possession of marijuana with intent; Andrew George – possession of marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinol, both with intent; William W. Robertson – possession of marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinol, both with intent; Brishen Matthews – possession of marijuana and Xanax, with intent; Justin Wilson – possession of marijuana, with intent; Nicholas Taras – sale of vyvanse; Chris Dohan – sale of L.S.D.; Arthur Fountain – sale of marijuana (two counts); Imani Lombard – sale of marijuana; Tyler Folkes – sale of marijuana; Scott Sutter – sale of vyvanse; Dylan Walls – sale of Xanax; Noah Howell – sale of Adderall; Chane Kesler – posession of vyvanse and drug paraphernalia; Britney Wardlaw – possession of drug paraphernalia; Wesley Salmon – sale of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent; Reid Jefferies – sale of D.M.T.; Kevin Whitney – sale of marijuana (two counts); Francis Lawler – sale of marijuana; Max Burke – sale of marijuana; Jackson Blue – sale of marijuana (two counts); Travis Kirkwood – sale of marijuana (two counts); John Favazza – sale of MDMA; Josh Goldstein – sale of MDMA; Stephen Rao – sale of marijuana; Brice Barlow – possession of drug paraphernalia; and Thomas White – possession of paraphernalia.
The Oxford Police Department investigated eight wrecks, issued 17 traffic citations and four arrests, on the following charges: careless driving and first-offense DUI; public drunk; suspended driver’s license; and grand larceny.

Amy Moss
Amy Moss

Amy Moss, 31 of Collierville, Tenn., was arrested on grand larceny charges Tuesday. The charges are related to a stolen iPad, with a listed value of $500, that was taken from Sam’s Cellphone store, on Jackson Avenue. Bond was set at $1,000 during Moss’ initial court appearance Tuesday.
Oxford Police also responded to two welfare concerns, suspicious activity, four alarms, three disturbances, a suspicious vehicle, two ambulance assists and a parking complaint.
The University Police Department responded to the following incidents Tuesday, April 22: Traffic assists on Coliseum Drive, harassment at the Baseball Field, two hit-and-run accidents, vehicle stop, motor vehicle accidents at Powers Hall and University Avenue, seat belt violation, ambulance needed, running a stop sign, two speeding, drugs – possession of paraphernalia at The Ridges and an improperly parked vehicle on Poole Drive.
The Oxford Fire Department responded to the following incidents Tuesday, April 22: – Washed gas off street after a wreck, on University Avenue in front of the Band Hall, at 3:08 p.m. – Burned popcorn activated smoke detector, at Martin Hall Room No. 204, at 4:25 p.m. – Cleaning the basement and set off a detector in an Air Handling Unit, at Natural Products at 6:11 a.m.
All photographs and listings in the Daily Crime Report are provided by law enforcement personnel as a part of the public record, to The persons depicted are not guilty of any crime until conviction by a court of law.