Friday, September 22, 2023

Attention Deficit Delight, Vol. 10: Happy to Be Here at All

A tale of two hats.
It’s been a while since Attention Deficit Delight, Vol. 10: Memphis Wrestling Music Videos. Today’s installment stays within the realm of music and involves a battle in which the two participants may not know they are participating. And so I step into the fray to hold out my palm and ask them to declare who is the “baddest man.”
I heard a song called “Happy” by Pharrell Williams a few days ago and am now informed it is all the rage. I also heard some chatter about a weird hat Pharrell has been sporting. Some were calling it “an Arby’s hat” or a bent-up Canadian mounted police lid. Either way, my first thought is that he’s kind of ripping off the trademark big, battered fedora favored by Todd Snider for the last several years.
And Snider was just happy to be here at all, according to a song he released 14 years ago:

Draw your own conclusions.
— Tad Wilkes,