Sunday, December 3, 2023

Pinspiration for your Ole Miss Graduation Party

Spring is in full swing and we’re just two days from graduation here at Ole Miss. Can you believe it? Because I spend so much time on Pinterest (for work, I swear!) I thought I’d share some of the coolest Ole Miss graduation party ideas that I’ve come across so far:
Graduation Cap Sodas – Even your beverages can wear mortar boards at your graduation party! It doesn’t get any simpler than this.
pinspiration1Chocolate Mortar Boards – While I cannot condone the consumption of extreme amounts of sweets (oh wait, yes I can), it’s hard to deny the cleverness of these little chocolate graduation caps, brought to us by the ladies of Passion for Parties and Bakerella. Check out their sites for tutorials.pinspiration2
Red & Blue snacks – Red and blue foods double as party decor and snacks. Instead of sweets, you could also try blueberries and strawberries. (You did just eat a bunch of tiny chocolate mortar boards, after all.) The Ole Miss Tailgating Treats board has lots of edible red and blue inspiration.pinspiration3
Diploma utensils – Wrap utensils in napkins, and tie with ribbon. Voila! You’ve created little diplomas.pinspiration4

Free Ole Miss printables – To easily Ole Miss-ify your party, frame a few free Ole Miss printables. I think “Are You Ready,” would be an appropriate choice for this occasion. Download them here.pinspriation5And last, but definitely not least, we come to the most important graduation pin of them all:pinspiration6

Be sure to check out the Ole Miss Graduation Goodies board for more ideas. Congrats, graduates!
– Lindsey Abernathy, Ole Miss Communications