Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Daily Crime Report for May 19

Blake Marquis
Blake Marquis

Oxford Police Make DUI, Grand Larceny Arrests
The Oxford Police Department arrested Blake Marquis, 33, of Oxford, on charges of felony third-offense DUI, after responding to a call Thursday of a possibly intoxicated driver. The vehicle described was located and stopped.
This is Marquis’ third DUI charge within a five-year period. Marquis’ bond was set at $2,500.
Third-Offense DUI
Larry Payton
Larry Payton

Oxford Police charged Larry Payton, 51, of Oxford, on charges of felony third-offense DUI, after officers stopped a vehicle Friday driven by Payton. According to officers, Payton appeared to be under the influence.
This is Payton’s third DUI charge within a 5-year period. Payton’s bond was set at $2,500.

Felony Grand Larceny

Dustin Hunter
Dustin Hunter

Oxford Police charged Dustin Hunter, 26, of Oxford, with grand larceny, after officers took a walk-in report Thursday of a stolen rifle. The victim stated that he left a rifle at Hunter’s house and that when he returned for it, the gun was missing.
Investigators called and found that the rifle was at Oxford Pawn and said that Hunter had pawned it for $100.
Tucker signed an affidavit against Hunter, who was served in jail, where he was being held by the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office. Hunter’s bond was set at $2,500.
The Oxford Police Department issued 52 traffic citations and made 14 arrests, on the following charges: second-offense DUI, excessive speed, no driver’s license and no insurance; shoplifting (misdemeanor); careless driving and first-offense DUI; driving while license suspended, no seatbelt and no insurance; driving while license and warrant served; second-offense DUI; driving while license suspended; public intoxication; seatbelt and first-offense DUI; expired tag, no insurance and first-offense DUI; and warrant served; two felony third-offense DUI; and felony grand larceny.

Oxford Police also responded
to reports of 11 suspicious activities, nine disturbances, seven noise complaints, two burglaries, two harassing phone calls, three domestic violence calls, four animal assists, four fire department assists, eight welfare concerns, seven alarms, two motor vehicle assists, two parking complaints, four ambulance assists, six reported careless drivers, two grand larcenies, simple assault, recovered property, two civil matters, malicious mischief and petit larceny.
The University Police Department responded to the following incidents this weekend:
Friday, May 16
Running a stop sign on Hathorn Road, suspicious person at Farley Hall, three hit-and-run accidents, credit card fraud-first offense, vehicle stop on Coliseum Drive and running a stop sign on University Avenue.
Saturday, May 17
Running a stop sign on University Avenue and improper equipment on University Avenue.
Sunday, May 18
Running a stop sign on Sorority Lot.
The Oxford Fire Department responded to the following calls this weekend:
Friday, May 16
– Sprinkler company working on system, at The Connection, at 8:15 a.m.
– Alarm company working on the system, ElSohly Laboratories, at 10:54 a.m.
– Kappa Delta house – Heavy hairspray activated third floor smoke detector, Kappa Delta house, at 8:10 p.m.
Saturday, May 17
– Cooking activated smoke detector, at 200 Washington Ave. No. 11, at 1:58 a.m.
– Public assist checking carbon monoxide levels in house, 5 Highway 334, no time given.
Sunday, May 18
– Did not turn vent-a-hood on in time and smoke activated detector, at Captain D’s, at 10:55 a.m.
– Wreck with no entrapment, Highway 7/9 split, at 5:36 p.m.

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