Monday, January 30, 2023

Local Musicians Help a Brother Out This Friday the 13th

Eric Deaton. Photo by John R. Allison
Eric Deaton. Photo by John R. Allison

From happy hour until closing on Friday, June 13, the Blind Pig Pub & Deli will host the Hill Country Help-Out for Eric Deaton, a showcase and jam session. Artists performing will include Zechariah Lloyd Tillotson, Little Joe Ayers, Shannon McNally, Garry Burnside, Davis Coen, Jimbo Mathus, and others who show up to get in on the fun.
Local bassist Nate Robbins, frequent sideman of Eric Deaton, explains that Deaton had a gig at the Jimmie Rodgers Festival in Meridian a couple weeks ago. Unable to secure musicians to accompany him on bass and drums, Deaton set out on the road alone.
“On the way he had a car accident and rolled his vehicle several times in the median,” Robbins says. “When the car ended up upside down, he was able to crawl out with no serious injuries. The car was totaled.”
One-hundred percent of the door proceeds at the June 13 show go to Deaton. The musicians performing are donating their time and talents free of charge.
— Tad Wilkes,