Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Electric Department Warns: Phone Demands for Bill Payment Are Fraudulent

City officials and the City of Oxford Electric Department are warning customers about a scam. Callers pretending to be with the department demand immediate payment on bills from individuals and businesses in order to defraud the customers into paying the impostors.
Margie Abel, Oxford Electric Department business manager, says the hoax has been occurring intermittently for the past couple of years, but seems to have escalated lately.
“Bottom line is the Electric Department does not call customers demanding payments on bills,” Abel explained. “If you get this kind of demand over the phone, you can be assured it is not a legitimate request from our office. Do not make payment.”
Abel adds that that her department features on-line bill-pay and traditional mail payment so no one should be confused.
“If you are contacted by someone demanding payment over the phone, please immediately call the Electric Department at 662-232-2373,” she said.