Wednesday, February 1, 2023

New Blackman Song Tells Tale of Drive from Baton Rouge to Greenville

We recently caught up with Bruce Blackman, the man behind the 1976 hit Starbuck song “Moonlight Feels Right.” That song was a fanciful half-fiction about a girl from Ole Miss, who was really the girl Greenville native Blackman later married. Thirty-eight years later, Blackman has written and recorded what he calls a sequel to “Moonlight.”
Here’s that new song, “Jim’s Cafe”:

Now residing in Atlanta, Blackman is just finishing up a new album. And lately he’s come full circle, reconnecting with his hometown Greenville. Earlier this year, the organizers of his high school reunion in Greenville wanted something to put in swag bags of goodies for attendees. So, he recorded “Jim’s Cafe” and put copies in 70s bags.

“It’s a true story about a trip I made from Baton Rouge to Greenville in order go out with the girl I married from ‘Moonlight Feels Right,'” Blackman says. “I had to be there at a certain time, or she couldn’t go. We put [the song] in the swag bag, and it kind of blew up on me.”

— Tad Wilkes,