Sunday, February 5, 2023

Politico Article by Wilkie Takes Close Look at Sen. Cochran

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Politico article sheds some light on Sen. Cochran’s long tenure in the Senate.

A recent article in Politico Magazine by Curtis Wilkie, faculty member at the Meek School of Journalism and New Media, paints a unique picture of Sen. Thad Cochran.
Written by someone who understands the complex dynamics of Mississippi politics and knows Sen. Cochran well, the piece offers insight into Cochran’s long legacy in the Senate and his ability to meet the current challenges that nearly cost him his seat after many decades in public service.
Here is a compelling paragraph from the piece:
“Curiously, for most of his congressional career Thad’s biggest rival in Mississippi has been fellow Republican Trent Lott. The two men, four years apart in age, were elected to Congress the same year and came to Washington looking like a Republican tandem—smart, young Ole Miss lawyers representing a new party in their state. But they were never close and often took opposite positions on everything from patronage to policy. In 1996, they ran against each other to replace Bob Dole as the Republican Senate leader. Lott, a smooth operator and far more ambitious, held far more IOUs and won easily.”
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Curtis Wilkie was a 1963 graduate of Ole Miss and worked as a newspaper reporter for nearly 40 years – most of them for the Boston Globe. Following his retirement, he joined the journalism faculty at Ole Miss where he is an Overby Fellow and an associate professor.     
Graphic courtesy of Politico Magazine.