Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Departures Magazine Takes Literary View of Oxford

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Unusual view of the Square Courthouse as pictured in Departures Magazine. Photos by Christopher Churchil.

In the July/August issues of Departures Magazine a California writer re-discovers Oxford after first landing here by accident in 1987 with car trouble.
DEPARTURES is a Luxury magazine covering travel, shopping, fashion, design, arts and culture.
The author,  Marc Smirnoff, (don’t know if he’s a vodka tycoon) describes the changes in Oxford this way:
“The current Square swirls with trendy boutiques and magnificently spruced up buildings. In the middle, on its own islet, the courthouse, age 142, still looms proud and observant.”
The article then delves into more significant changed in Oxford including a more enlightened view of race relations and important evolution brought about largely by Ole Miss and some of its recent leaders. Space is devoted to Oxford’s bountiful shopping and dining opportunities with some attention paid to the proud literary legacy and cultural and artistic aura in play here.
The online version of the article can be accessed here. The story is described as ” Exclusive content for Platinum Card® and Centurion® members from American Express.” So you’ll have to pay to read.
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Cover shot for spread by Christopher Churchill. staff report.