Thursday, September 21, 2023

Help Tyler Keith Crowd-Source New Album by Tuesday Night

He is Oxford’s king of raw-edged, urgent rock ‘n’ roll at its finest—and loudest. But there are probably many who have never had the good fortune to hear Tyler Keith with just an acoustic guitar. It won’t leave your head ringing, but it’s just as visceral and presents his songwriting in a completely different, yet equally vital, light.
Now, he’s almost to his deadline, which is Wednesday night (actually 1 a.m. Thursday, July 30) in a crowd-sourcing campaign to put his “Alias ‘Kid Twist'” album into the market. The Rocket Hub campaign, if fully funded, will bring to fruition Tyler’s ninth album. He once told me he wants to have at least 10 albums out there in his lifetime, and I’m really glad he’s chosen to do this one with a stripped down acoustic arrangement.
If you’d like to pitch in to get a little Kid Twist into the world, click here.
— Tad Wilkes,