Sunday, January 29, 2023

Inside Higher Education Posts on Chancellor's Diversity Report

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Inside Higher Education has commented on the Chancellor’s Report and the same article appears on the Slate website.

An Aug. 4 post in Inside Higher Ed, a website based in Washington, D.C. takes a close look at the controversy surrounding Chancellor Jones Six-Point Inclusiveness action plan. has also posted the article.
Here are a the first two paragraphs to peak your interest:
Names, Symbols and Race
by Scott Jaschik
To most University of Mississippi students and alumni, calling the institution “Ole Miss” is just natural. It’s what people say. University email addresses are, not But not everyone likes the name.
The university’s announcement last Friday that, as part of a review of race relations at the university, it would encourage “appropriate” use of the term, won praise from some quarters but plenty of criticism. So did a series of other announcements by the university, which is hoping to change its association with symbols of the Confederacy. Reports commissioned by the university (which influenced Friday’s announcement) angered some students and alumni — particularly those with ties to the Greek system — by discussing the perceptions of some black students and alumni who are far more critical of university traditions and life at the university than are white students and alumni.
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