Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Oxford Daily Crime Report for August 22 – 24

The Oxford Police responded to 22 disturbances, 14 alarms, 10 improper parking, five welfare concerns, four careless driving, four suspicious activities, two suspicious persons, four fire department assistance, one ambulance assistance, three malicious mischief, two simple assaults, two abandoned vehicles, two litterings, two trespassings, two petit larceny, a grand larceny, a lost property call, an animal bite, an unauthorized use of another credit card, a code enforcement violation in parking, and a 911 hang-up call.
Note: OPD reports two auto burglaries which took place at 400 Whitney Cove and 1100 Van Buren Avenue.
OPD also investigated 20 wrecks, issued 122 tickets, and made 33 arrests for the following charges: four disturbing the peace; three public drunks; two public drunks and disorderly conducts; two possession of false drivers licenses; two DUI firsts; two DUI firsts and careless driving; DUI first, careless driving, no insurance and a suspended drivers license; DUI first, driving the wrong way on one-way street, no car insurance or a drivers’ license; DUI first, careless driving and possession of Schedule 11 drug; DUI first, careless driving and child endangerment by DUI; DUI first, driving without headlights, no car insurance, and possession of Schedule 11 drug; DUI first, no car insurance and disorderly conduct; DUI first and possession of a fake ID; careless driving, no drivers license and leaving the scene of accident; running a red light and possession of drug paraphernalia; speeding and possession of drug paraphernalia; speeding, no car insurance and a possession of alcohol by minor; careless driving, no drivers license and no car insurance; possession of alcohol by minor; possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle; disorderly conduct; domestic violence per simple assault; one contempt of the court warrant served; improper equipment and no car insurance; and, finally, no drivers license and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.
The University Police Department responded to an ambulance assistance; petit larceny at Shoemaker Hall; petit larceny at the University Police department; a disturbance at the Marijuana Project; grand larceny at Stockard Hall; vandalism at Stockard Hall; an intoxicated person in the Grove; an ambulance call at Northgate Apartments; vandalism at Stockard Hall; petit larceny at Ridge North; petit larceny at Turner Center; an ambulance call at the Union; a disturbance by loud music on the Fraternity Row; an accident at Lamar Hall; a suspicious vehicle at the Inn at Ole Miss; a harassment report at Bishop Hall; a vandalism to vehicle at Luckyday Residential College; a traffic stop at Kincannon Hall; vandalism at Kincannon Hall; a disturbance by loud music and unnecessary noises at Stockard Hall; and a suspicious person on All American Drive. UPD also assisted with traffic at both Stockard Hall and Kincannon field lot.
The Oxford Fire Department responded to the following calls over the weekend:
August 22: a fire alarm at Stewart Hall, a cancelled call to the Veterans Home, a kitchen fire at 137 Peyton Circle, and a smoke detector alarm at Captain D’s restaurant.

August 23: a pulled fire alarm at High Cotton condos, a vehicle fire on North Lamar, two smoke detector malfunctions at 401 Vivian Ave. and the Residential College South, and a cancelled call at Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium.
August 24: a pulled fire alarm at 1300 Van Buren, two smoke detector malfunctions at the Thompson House and at 803 University Ave., and an assistance call at 483 Highland Square.

All photographs and listings in the Daily Crime Report are provided by law enforcement personnel as a part of the public record, to The persons depicted are not guilty of any crime until conviction by a court of law.