Thursday, March 23, 2023

Macrame Makes Max Impact for Art Crawl Attendees

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Macrame was the theme for the Art Crawl this week sponsored by YAC.

The art crawl is an under-appreciated treasure for art lovers in this area.
Coincidentally, macrame and other under-appreciated art forms was the theme of the latest event.
This double-decker transported, YAC-sponsored ongoing event was attended by photographer Sharon Hays this week. She captured the feel and enduring impact of the great work on this crawl with photos that are naturally lighted and engaging.
If you feel moved by these images, your best bet is to go on a future art crawl. They take place the fourth Tuesday of every month from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Call YAC at (662) 236-6429 for more information about the next crawl.
Here are some of the remarkable images of the great art captured by photographer Sharon Hays:
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Football is the passion of the day and this mixed media helmet fits right in. All photos by Sharon Hays.

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More helmets.

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The art crawl has become a popular event and attendees enjoy refreshments at the Powerhouse.

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Beautiful macrame work.

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One of the pleasures of the art crawl is getting on the double-decker bus for the event.

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Baskets are the classic object for macrame.

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Note the fine detail work in this piece.

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Another story told in macrame.

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From left, Jo Dale Mistilis and Sue Smith enjoy the art work.

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Macrame confection is a treat to the eye.

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Mississippi in macrame.

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It’s a party of the senses for art lovers.

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The Japanese students who attended the art crawl are here until Sept 14. enjoying an intensive English class. They have been touring different sites around Oxford since they arrived. They love this art form.

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Photographer Sara Gardner finds this display fascinating.

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Art that evokes emotion.

You can contact Sharon about her beautiful photos at