Sunday, April 2, 2023

Grove Fun, Tradition is Part of Ole Miss Triumph photographer Sharon Hays took a shuttle bus to the Grove before the ballgame and captured the experience.
Here are her impressions of a great day at the Grove:

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The Walk of Champions is a Grove tradition. All photos by Sharon Hays.

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The Grove was crowded, but wait for Alabama.

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Crowds ready to board bus for the big game.

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Fans are ready for the bus to arrive at the stadium.

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Emma Grace Kilgore from Houston, Miss. Her sign says it all. She came with her aunt from Tupelo.

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A lone photographer walks in the Grove before crowds arrive.

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Decorations and great food are all part of the proud Grove tradition.

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Kyle Nuss from Senatobia had his first Grove experience with long-time Rebel Laura Hallstrom.

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Diehard Rebels Johnny and Dot McLean.

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Cheerleaders are ready for the big game.

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This memorial to Stan Sandroni is at at the Q93.7 tent in the Grove.

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From left, best friends Katie Hays, Brittany Knight, Madison Parks and Rylee Ingram all dressed up and ready for the game.

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Katie Hays and her best friend Brittany Knight. Brittany has always loved the Rebels since her brother dressed her up as a Rebel at age 3. Today was her first experience in the Grove and attending a Rebel game. She just moved here from Albany, Georgia.

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Tony Baliou and son Beau Baliou. This was Beau’s first of many games and he did great. They are from Jackson.

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Mother and Son Beverly and Gene Hays from Oxford.

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James Redfearn and his son Matt having a father, son day. What a great way to do it with a win at an Ole Miss game.