Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Better Business Bureau Warns About Scam

Business owners, Beware! Scammers posing as representatives from the Yellow Pages are invoicing companies for advertising they never placed.
A Jackson business owner contacted BBB serving Mississippi about an invoice they received for services that they did not receive or agree to. “Unfortunately, some businesses just pay because they don’t want to ruin their credit” said John O’Hara President/CEO of BBB serving Mississippi “They use a well know name and create fake websites and invoices to trick people into paying for services they have never performed.” Results of a BBB investigation found that YEFIB has no affiliations with the Yellow Pages and the Yellow Pages link has since been taken down off of there website.
How the Scam Works:
You receive an invoice from YEFIB representing a website, which they claim is an online version of the Yellow Pages. The invoice comes with a copy of your ad that the company claims you had supposedly agreed to. When you call to inquire a representative says that you verbally confirmed the placement. If you don’t pay they threaten to send you to a collection agency. Thats when some business owners cave in and pay the invoice to avoid credit problems.
How to Protect Yourself Against This Scam:
Don’t just pay for something you didn’t agree to because you received and invoice.
Don’t confirm information from unknown callers. This just gives the scammers something to use against you.
Remember, the Yellow Pages name and logo is not trademarked. Scammers are able to use the name and “walking fingers” icon to lend credibility to their scam. They are not affiliated with the famous phone directory.
Don’t trust Caller ID. Scammers have technology that lets them display any number or organization name on your screen.
File a complaint with your BBB. BBB has resolved hundreds of complaints against businesses that have been accused of this scam. Go to bbb.org/mississippi to file a complaint.
Courtesy Better Business Bureau.