Thursday, August 18, 2022

NYT Features Water Valley Women Entrepreneurs, Artists

Megan Patton, Coulter Fussell, Erin Austen Abbott and Alexe van Beuren are part of a wave of new business owners in Water Valley. / Photo courtesy of The New York Times.

A recent story in The New York Times highlights the remarkable work of four amazing Mississippi women. They’re artists and experts in building renovation who are doing their best to revitalize nearby Water Valley.
Here is the opening few paragraphs from the Times story:
Over lunch at the B.T.C. Old-Fashioned Grocery here one day last month — pear zucchini soup and cornbread madeleines — the women of Water Valley were talking demolition.
Coulter Fussell, 34, an artist and an owner of Yalo Studio, a gallery a couple of doors down the block on the town’s Main Street, favors a crowbar. Megan Patton, also 34, an artist, waitress and Ms. Fussell’s gallery partner, likes to use a hammer and a screwdriver. Erin Austen Abbott, 36, a photographer, gift shop owner, pop-up gallery impresario and travel nanny, doesn’t care what tool she uses, as long as she has company.
All are particularly skilled at renovation, having stripped and rebuilt, among them, three houses and one storefront. That their husbands are in the music business and on the road for months at a time has only accelerated their prowess with hand tools. They prefer to work alone or with one another.
“Let’s just say it’s better that way,” Ms. Fussell said later.
Read more of the feature here.
Courtesy of The New York Times

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