Wednesday, November 29, 2023

More Cowbell — Maybe Not, But DON'T Expect Bulldog Apologies

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So our friends in Starkville at Maroon and White Nation make no apologies for Cowbellgate.
You know — ESPN Game Day’s inaudible coverage from MSU this last weekend that the rest of the nation viewed as a bit of a fiasco. Here is their post.
Here is what the pro-MSU website had to say in brief:
“Do you know why I loved the Starkville GameDay? Because everyone hated it, but we loved it. We love our cowbells. We love Jonathan Papelbon. We love who we are, and don’t care one bit what anyone else thinks about us.
Feel free to call us whatever name you choose because of our cowbells. Feel free to think you’re better than us. Feel free to do whatever you want. If we really wanted your opinion on our fandom and our traditions, we would ask for them. Last time I checked, we didn’t ask.”

More cowbell?

Well, that’s nice — self-confidence is an admirable trait, I guess. Even when it means you pretty much waste the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you have to put your town and university in the best possible light. You sabotage the show and that’s smart because it demonstrates your fans won’t back off for anyone. Sure, we get it.
No — not really. Seems to me, if you’re in Starkville, you want to prove that MSU is much more than an agricultural school that makes good cheese. You want your advocates to be heard clearly with an articulate message of why your university excels in sports, academics and cultural pursuits.
Not saying that’s not the case at MSU — but I couldn’t hear it last weekend. All I know is Katy Perry and Woody Harrelson want to party with the Rebels. Jonathan Papelbon? He’s got a good arm. They could have at least asked Christopher Walken to show up if they wanted to push the axiomatic excellence of cowbells.
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