Friday, June 9, 2023

Oxford Daily Crime Report for Tuesday, Oct. 21

The Board of Aldermen stated that all Uber drives in Oxford not in compliance with the city code will be arrested and their vehicles towed.
Oxford police responded to the following incidents: five alarms, three disturbances, three suspicious activities, three malicious mischief, two civil matters, two welfare concerns, an ambulance assist, a shoplifting, a recovered property, an identity theft, a simple assault, an auto-burglary at 300 North 5th, and a house burglary at Oakview Apts.
Oxford police investigated five wrecks, issued 38 traffic citations, and made nine arrests on the following charges: (3) possession of drug paraphernalia, (2) no drivers’ licenses, a shoplifting, a warrant served, a minor in possession of alcohol and drug paraphernalia, and a driver with suspended license and possession of marijuana in motor vehicle and a DUI.
Oxford police discovered no code enforcement violations but has a message for the public:
The Oxford police dept. in an effort to maintain neighborhood integrity for the Oxford would like to remind all residents to make sure their trash cans are off the curb and placed in its proper place and also that their lawns are litter free and mowed. The Oxford police will continue to address these and other code enforcement violations over the weekend.
University police responded to the following incidents: a possession of alcohol at Martin Hall, a vandalism costing over $500 at Ridge North Building, a disturbance in the Practice Field, a motor vehicle accident with property damage at Hill Drive, a motor vehicle accident with property damage at Manning Way, a petit larceny at Crosby Hall, and a reported hit and run to the UPD.
Oxford Fire Dept. responded to the following call: a Ford truck went over a speed bump and its gas tank fell out, leaking the gas at The Retreat.