Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Video: Kenny Loggins Kills at the Ford Center

Kenny Loggins’s show last night at the Ford Center was one of authentic love for the music. Rather than amble through truncated versions of hits like many of popular music’s elder statesmen might do, Loggins did not underestimate his audience. He was unafraid to spend upwards of 10 minutes telling the stories behind some of his songs and stretching out a number of the songs with extended instrumental sections. Not that it was spontaneous. The show was put together with care, and well put together at that. His voice was stellar and impressive.
In this video, he heads into the crowd to stand on a chair during “Celebrate Me Home.” That wasn’t even the encore; it was only about halfway through the show (later when he and the band walked back out for the encore, the crowd launched into an enthusiastic Hotty Toddy cheer).

— Tad Wilkes,