Monday, March 27, 2023

Oxford Daily Crime Report, Friday to Sunday, Oct. 31 – Nov. 2

Oxford police responded to the following incidents: 24 disturbances, 16 alarms, 15 suspicious activities, eight noise complaints, seven simple assaults, six improper parking, six welfare concerns, four careless drivings, four auto-burglaries (5th & Tyler int. and Old Taylor Rd. & 2 at Clearbrook), four malicious mischief, three recovered properties, three ambulance assists, three animal assists, three fire dept. assists, three lost properties, two 911 hang up calls, two trespassing, two false pretenses, a motorist assist, a petit larceny, a public intoxication, a civil matter, and a house burglary at Harris Drive.
Oxford police investigated 26 wrecks, issued 139 traffic citations, and made 42 arrests on the following charges: (21) public intoxication, (3) DUI, (3) careless driving with DUI, (3) scalping, (2) no car insurance with DUI, a driver without car headlights and a DUI, a noise violation, a careless driving without car insurance and with a suspended drivers license and a DUI, running a stop sign with a suspended drivers’ license and a DUI, a possession of drug paraphernalia, a warrant served, a no drivers license, a speeding with DUI, a possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, and a careless driving with no car insurance but with a DUI.
Oxford police discovered one code violation per Oxford City Neighborhood Ordinance.
University police report are inaccessible at this moment.
Oxford Fire Dept. responded to the following calls: a cancelled call at 137 Leighton Road, a water flow alarm malfunction at The Hub, a prank pulling of the fire alarm at the ATO house, a smoke detector activation by spray paint near the room 109 at Phi Kappa Psi house, an A/C unit shorted out and caused smoke in the house at 418 Hathorn Road, eight people were stuck in an elevator at the Vaught-Hemingway stadium – these people were able to get off before the fire dept. arrived, a smoke detector malfunction at The Retreat, smoke detector activated due to turning on the heater for the first time at Graceland Care Center, a smoke detector malfunction at upstairs utility room at Phi Kappa Tau house, and a multiple pull station alarm malfunction at Baptist Memorial Hospital.
All photographs and listings in the Oxford Daily Crime Report are provided by law personnel to as part of the public record. All persons depicted are innocent of charges until convicted by a court of law.