Saturday, December 3, 2022

University of Mississippi Food Bank's First Grove and Give

University students, faculty and staff opened the Food Bank in 2012 after a six month, student-led initiative in response to help other students have access to food in trying times. After being on campus for two years, the UM Food Bank will host its first event: Grove and Give.
Christine Dickason, the student director of the UM Food Bank, said, “We are really excited to introduce this event and hopefully make it an annual event.”
Ross Bjork even mentioned this event in his weekly videos preparing the Rebel fans for each football game day weekends.

The Food Bank will collect donations at the Union Plaza and the front lawn of the Triplett Alumni House. The donations are addressed in the flyer below:

courtesy of Food Bank
courtesy of Food Bank

The event came to be when an alumnus presented the idea to the Food Bank committee. “Since the idea for the event first came up,” Dickason said, “we have received incredible support from the Alumni Association, Athletics and Aramark, just to name a few.”
The UM Food Bank is a resource for students who need food assistance. There is one and only requirement to receive food: one must present at student ID. There are no financial requirements and the Food Bank does not record any personal information to assure confidentiality for its recipients. The Food Bank is currently running low on items with the holidays fast approaching. This event is to help the Food Bank restock its shelves with its most popular items: shelf stable milk, peanut butter, and cereal as well as toiletries.
Dickason said, “This event is really important for two reasons. First, it will restock our shelves so that we can continue to serve students on campus. The event will also help increase our visibility on campus and in the community, which is crucial for us. We want to be sure that every student who needs food assistance knows that we are a resource. This event shows the heart of the university. Students, faculty, and alumni all understand that the holidays present particular challenges for individuals without access to a sufficient amount of food. I am proud to attend a University that shows compassion towards all its students, especially those in need.”
The Food Bank is open every day with its hours are as seen on its website.
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