Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Out with the Old, In with the New: University Arbors Coming Down

Over the years, Oxford has seen many new buildings come up where old ones once were. With the growth of the school and the town, new businesses and homes are underway all along College Hill Road and a new apartment complex will replace an outdated one soon.
getmapThe University Arbor apartments are soon going to be torn down and replaced by a more up-scale apartment complex. The University Arbor apartments are located across from Lamar Park near B’s Barbecue.
The Oxford Planning Commission has approved of the plans to build the new development, which will simply be called The Arbors. The new development is said to include 10 buildings with 98 units as well as amenities such as a variety of spaces for social gatherings, a pool and a dog park.
When The Arbors open, they will be available to rent so students as well as families can reside there without having to purchase one as a condo. But resell may become available in the future for those looking for a more permanent arrangement.
IMG_4768The new development is planned to be 84-acres, but about an acre and a half is located in a general business area. The commission first had to approve that a residential development could be built in a General Business area. A special exception had been made for the development.
The Arbors structure is going to be built in The Davidson Creek Floodway, which is a flood zone area. To avoid the properties being flooded out the units will have parking on the bottom floor and everything else built above.
It is unclear when the construction for this new project will take place, but the 100 residents currently living in the University Arbor apartments have been notified of the coming demolition. Oxford residents and students can prepare for the new apartment complex with excitement.
Molly Brosier is a HottyToddy.com staff reporter and can be reached at mebrosie@go.olemiss.edu.

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