Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Beds 4 Kids Donate Beds to Children in Need

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Non-profit organization Beds 4 Kids based in Tennessee has teamed up with Capital Bedding and Blue Delta Jeans to give beds to 16 kids. To help them visit beds4kids.org through Dec. 22 and donate $100 so a bed will be given to a child in need. Children will be chosen from applications received through DFACS and the local school system. The children chosen will not only get a bed…
On Dec. 22 those 16 kids will enjoy a day just for them. With the help of Well Spring Church and Highland Square the kids will be treated to dinner and gifts donated by Wellspring Community Church. Their beds donated by Capital Bedding will be delivered to their homes.
“Most of these children have never had a bed and this will be a monumental day for them.” said Maidson Isbell of Red Letter Counsel.
“I never even realized that [beds] could possibly be something that kids didn’t have. You wouldn’t believe the amount of kids that don’t.” said Lauren Glass, founder of Beds 4 Kids.
Beds 4 Kids was founded by Lauren Glass after she was moved by a scene in the movie The Blind Side. She then discovered how many children in Tennessee had never had a bed of their own and were sleeping on floors and in dog beds. Lauren believes every child deserves a proper place to rest his or her head at night to be able to dream big. Over the last four years the organization has served over 450 children.
In an effort to raise awareness of children without beds Beds 4 Kids is encouraging people to go to beds4kids.org and donate what they can, so even more children can receive beds this holiday season.
For more information please contact Madison Isbell at Red Letter Consulting.
Callie Daniels is a staff reporter for HottyToddy.com. She can be reached at callie.daniels@hottytoddy.com.