Sunday, April 2, 2023

10s of Oxford: Exemplifying Religious Values

Oxford as a city is blessed by its people. To us Oxonians a ’10’ is someone who excels and the city benefits from their talents. The past two months these people exemplified their religious beliefs through compassion and kindness from feeding people to opening up their homes to all.
Burns United Methodist Church
Chris Diggs, pastor at Burns United Methodist Church, along with a few women from the congregation has fed the elderly in their bi-monthly ‘Soup for Seniors’ luncheons. Soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts are alternated for the luncheons, sometimes having a combination of all of those things, depending on the menu planned.
“Christ tried to touch as many people as he could,” Diggs said, “by the life that he lived. Therefore, we are representatives of Christ in everything that we do. So, this is nothing more than being a representative of Christ, because everything with these luncheons is free, no one has to pay for anything. All the drinks are free, the desserts – everything. All you have to do is come. And if Jesus walked through our door during one of our luncheons, I hope He would see people who looked like Him, not in ethnicity, but in the way they are living their lives.”
Meet the ladies who have cooked and served at these luncheons in the video here:

Dr. Carroll Stone

Dr. Carroll Stone, retired physician in Oxford and pastor of Covenant Church of North Mississippi
Dr. Carroll Stone, retired physician in Oxford and pastor of Covenant Church of North Mississippi

Dr. Carroll Stone made his home into a welcoming spot for religious people who seek to share their spiritual journeys comfortably.
Dr. Stone became an ordained minister over a prayer group that met at his home in 1978. Ten years later the prayer group grew and became recognized as an official church group in United States: Covenant Church of North Mississippi. He now has more than 50 people gathering at his home in Oxford.
“I believe when people come together as brothers and sisters in Christ, they are not just there to be listening to a lecture (or sermon),” Stone said, “but they want to share something and listen to what others in the group are doing and we do that.”
Reverend Eddie Willis
Rev. Eddie Willis with his family.
Rev. Eddie Willis with his family.

Rev. Willis opened the Wesley House and provided homemade food to stressed university students during their finals week while leading the United Methodist church in Taylor through the Advent Season. The Wesley House currently has 90 to 125 students actively involved in the Bible Study.
I’m passionate about developing young leaders and establishing a creative program wherever I go.” said Rev. Willis.
Watch this video of him explaining the true meaning of Christmas.

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