Saturday, December 2, 2023

Oxford Crime Report: Wednesday – Sunday, Dec. 24-28

Oxford police has responded to the following incidents: 17 alarms, 15 disturbances, eight suspicious persons, four suspicious activities, three suspicious vehicles, two careless drivings, two shopliftings, two petit larcenies, an ambulance assist, an fire dept. assist, a trespassing, an improper parking, an emergency 911 hang up call, an open window, a littering, a civil matter, an identity theft, an unauthorized use of another credit card, a lost property, a domestic violence and some harassing phone calls.
Oxford police investigated: six wrecks, issued 75 traffic citations and made 14 arrests on the following charges: (2) possession of alcohol by minor, (2) public drunks, (2) disorderly conducts, a possession of drug paraphernalia, a possession of controlled substance, a shoplifting, an out-of-jurisdiction warrant served, a driving with no driver’s license, no car insurance and also a warrant served, a careless driving with expired car tag and a DUI to first degree, a careless driving with a DUI to first degree, and a careless driving with a suspended driver’s license and a possession of drug paraphernalia with a DUI to second degree.
University police responded to the following incidents: a traffic detail on Hathorn Road, a motor vehicle accident with property damage in which the driver was charged for a suspended driver’s license and for having no car tag at Basketball Practice Facility, and a suspicious vehicle at the Union.
Oxford Fire Department responded to the following calls: a public assist at 915 Chickasaw Road, a smoke detector malfunction in room #22 at Phi Mu house, a smoke detector malfunction at suite #46 on the Square, and an emergency medical response at 4308 Mockingbird Road where the firemen stood by for EMS as there was no ambulance available at the time of call.
All photographs and listings in Oxford Daily Crime Report are provided by law personnel to as part of the public record. All persons depicted are innocent of charges until convicted by a court of law.