Sunday, May 16, 2021

Four Reasons to Love the Winter Lull in Oxford

Oxford calms down when the Ole Miss students go home for Christmas break — but we don't hate it.  Photo by Angela Rogalski
Oxford calms down when the Ole Miss students go home for Christmas break — but we don’t hate it.
Photo by Angela Rogalski

Oxford is noticeably quiet during university academic breaks, and especially so in winter time after Christmas. This lull may seem like a good reason to stay in and browse Netflix but the town is still charming to those who love having elbow space for starters.

1. Basketball games10898214_1179963345378927_5027955340878424309_n

Basketball has been a winter sport since 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, when a gym teacher James Naismith came up with a way for students to be active during the snow-laden months. With that history lesson in mind there’s little reason to skip basketball games if you’re in town. Ole Miss Hoops could use some rousing cheers from y’all!

Those who attend home games any time between December and February are rewarded with free gifts at the entrance, perhaps even free admittance to some games. The stadium is not as crowded so there’s ample opportunity to stretch out on cushioned seats close to the court.

2. Better driving

Traffic will always suck on at the Anderson Road intersection on Jackson Avenue but the roads are more open. There aren’t as many fast cars weaving in and out of the traffic, and the confusion of driving around the Square is greatly diminished.

iStock_BadDriver000013365412XSmallMore parking is better than easier driving. The Square doesn’t have as many cars stalking around the courthouse ready to turn violently into a fresh parking spot. About a week ago on New Year’s Eve my fiancé and I were able to park right in front of Gus’s World-Famous Fried Chicken before we even had to go around the courthouse to try again.

Since we all have better chances of parking in front of our favorite spots that means less walking in the chilly weather. Perfect!

3. Night Scene

snow3It’s cold so why bother going out right? Only those who know they have the bar to themselves and their friends. The nightlife may not be as wild but at least people can carry on a conversation without being elbowed.

Speaking of finally being able to stretch out legs at the Library there’s another good reason to be out and about during cold weather.

4. Recruiting

Any football fan knows the sport doesn’t really end after the bowls when recruiting amps up before the National Signing Day on February fourth. Those who put football above all knows that recruits might appear around the Square.

It goes without saying that Ole Miss athletics department do not treat potential signees to a night on the Square, but they do appear regardless. As Ole Miss fans we should show them a good time they won’t forget even if they’ll flip to another school.

However it is important to respect the NCAA rules on collegiate recruiting. Ole Miss’ department of compliance tweeted out the recruiting schedule for recruits of all Ole Miss’ athletics.

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