Thursday, December 8, 2022

Storify: Bulldog Conspiracists Force Rebel Fans to Reveal ‘The Network’

Christopher Hanewinckel, USA TODAY Sports
Christopher Hanewinckel, USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend was a hubbub of returning students, a basketball victory over Florida Gators and the recruiting weekend. Head Coach Hugh Freeze and his staff entertained dozens of high school football recruits in Oxford weeks before the National Signing Day on February 4, 2015. The high schoolers enjoyed team building exercises, brown bag lunches and the Oxford nightlife with the Rebel football players, coaches and staff as well as University of Mississippi professors and students.

However Mississippi State fans saw shenanigans. According to Elite Dawgs, Ole Miss football team taps into its “little black book” of nationwide alumni network to help them recruit four and five-stars with gifts. The conspiracy has details: Ole Miss coincides basketball games on the recruiting weekend so the alumni will have an innocent reason to be in town to help dirty-rush the high schoolers.

After shaking the recruits’ hands and making them “feel like rockstars,” we seal the deal in the exit interview with a local member of The Network. The said local will then funnel payment via an “aunt” or family members to ensure the money is untraceable. The Network is apparently creative: the payment could be framed as a house loan or even through a girlfriend’s family.

This quote says it all: “When your hear Freezus (sic) talk about his ’12 month plan’- this is what he is referring to. … They have athletic department workers playing recruits in Playstation online while they talk to them on headsets. They can even do crap like this during the dead period.”

Fortunately Ole Miss is not alone in this accusation: Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee are all in it too. This weekend Ole Miss fans decided to engage the Bulldog Conspiracists and reveal all.

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