Sunday, May 22, 2022

Students Return to Oxford for Spring Semester with Gusto


The temperatures are down but the Oxford population is back up. Spring semester has just started back at the University of Mississippi. Waits at restaurants are longer, traffic is heavier, the campus is fuller, and the anticipation for spring activities is peppier.

swayze“Home is great, I loved spending the holidays with my family. However, I also had a count down to get back to Oxford with all my friends! There is no place better than Oxford in the spring,” said Cecelia Leto.

Now that classes are getting back into full swing, I asked students what their favorite parts of Spring Semester are.

Spring in Oxford is filled with lots of exciting activities. The Ole Miss baseball team starts playing on Feb. 13, and they have been ranked sixth in Baseball America’s preseason rankings.

“My favorite part of spring semester is definitely Baseball. I love cheering on the rebels and going out to Swayze on Friday afternoons. I think I like baseball season better than football season. It’s a tough call though,” said Lauren Killion.

Spring semester in Oxford also includes Fraternity spring parties; students all over campus are waiting for the dates of each party to come out.

lake“My favorite spring party is probably Woodstock, just because I like to dress like a hippy,” said Lake Weston.

Another anticipated event is Double Decker Arts Festival, which normally occurs at the end of April.

“I love double decker: walking from tent to tent, sampling food/drinks and looking at art,” said Hanna Hullender.

Even though school just got back in session some students are already counting down till a break.

“I can’t wait for spring break, I am going to Miami with a bunch of friends. I’m from Boston, so I went from really cold weather in Massachusetts to cold weather in Mississippi. I can’t wait for some warm weather in Florida,” said Belle Hankey.

No matter what your favorite spring activity is, there is plenty to be excited for in these next coming months in Oxford!

Emily Jameson is a staff reporter and can be reached at