Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Vassallo Interviews: Karen Landers Opens Oxford Salon to ‘Help People Feel Better’

Karen Allen Landers is a graduate of Oxford High School and grew up in Woodlawn subdivision, only a stone’s throw from where her salon, Truvy’s, is now located. She received her professional training in Pontotoc following her sophomore year at Ole Miss. I asked Karen what prompted her going into the business of beauty. She responded, “Helping people feel better.” Here’s her story.

HottyToddy.com: Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to open the salon.

Karen third from right
Karen Landers, third from right, grew up in Oxford and recently opened her own salon.

Karen: I grew up here in Oxford and after I went to cosmetology school I dreamed of owning my own salon in the town I love.

HottyToddy.com: How do most salons find their clientele?

Karen: Mostly by word of mouth. That’s the best advertisement for any business. We do advertise a lot locally but we have had people just walk in because of thename of the salon.

HottyToddy.com: So tell us where the name Truvy’s came from.

Karen: It came from the movie Steel Magnolias. Dolly Parton plays a hair dresser who has a salon at her home. That’s how I wanted my salon to feel, like you were at your friends’ home getting to visit with them.

HottyToddy.com: For someone who has never been to your business what directions would you give them?

Karen: We are on West Oxford loop right across the street from The Barn.

HottyToddy.com: Describe the competition in oxford.

Karen: There are a lot of great salons here in Oxford, but the town has been growing so quickly that I feel like there is room for everyone.

HottyToddy.com: What sets your salon apart?

IMG_5302Karen: The name for one! I had no idea how many people would connect with it. And I feel like we have a very comfortable and hospitable atmosphere.

HottyToddy.com: Are there unique challenges for female entrepreneurs?

Karen: I’m only 27 so I feel like that has been the challenge. Being a female you have to have a respectfully confident attitude for people to take you serious when you’re young and starting your own business from scratch.

HottyToddy.com: How long has the salon been accredited to do color?

Karen: Truvy’s has only been open for six months but between the four of us here we have around 75 years of experience!

HottyToddy.com: How difficult is it in growing a new business?

Karen: The most difficult part is getting your name out there and letting people know you are here and ready to serve them. But thankfully, we have great help from people like Hottytoddy.com and other local advertisers.

HottyToddy.com: Do you have many male clients?

Karen: Absolutely! I would say about half our clientele are men. Hopefully, that will make other men more comfortable to come to a salon.

HottyToddy.com: What can your share that you have learned in starting your business with others?

Karen: I have learned to never say never and expect the unexpected. Those expressions are over used but they are so true. When God leads you in a direction, you just have to go with it and hold on.

HottyToddy.com: What are the expectations of your customers?

Karen: When you go to a salon you want to be pampered and feel important. That’s our goal, to make you our top priority and have you leave here very happy!

HottyToddy.com: Tell us about the sorority manicure party you hosted.

Karen: Yes! We had a sorority come in September to have a manicure sisterhood event. We shut the salon down for them and we had a blast! We would love to have parties for all sorts of occasions and this is a market we are working towards reaching.

HottyToddy.com: We understand you have an exciting promotion for February.

Karen: We do. Any new customer who comes in for a highlight, color, or keratin smoothing treatment will be entered in a drawing to win a pink CHI flatiron valued at $170! We will do this all month, then on March 1 we will pick a winner.


Steve Vassallo is a HottyToddy.com contributor. Steve writes on Ole Miss athletics, Oxford business, politics and other subjects. He is an Ole Miss grad and former radio announcer for the basketball team. In addition, he is a certified economic and community developer and currently, a highly successful leader in the real estate business with Premier Properties of Oxford.You can contact Steve at sovassallo@gmail.com or call him at (985) 852-7745.