Friday, June 9, 2023

Oxford Crime Report: Friday – Sunday, Jan. 30 – Feb. 1


Oxford police responded to the following incidents: 11 disturbances, 11 alarms, nine suspicious activities, eight noise complaints, eight noise complaints, five harassing phone calls, four malicious mischief, four lost properties, three ambulance assists, three petit larcenies, three false pretenses, three welfare concerns, two public intoxications, two careless drivings, two fire dept. assists, two trespassings, two auto-burglaries at Van Buren and Taylor Bend, an animal complaint, a simple assault, an 911 hang up call, a shoplifting, and a motorist assist.

Oxford police investigated 15 wrecks, issued 250 traffic citations, and made 24 arrests on the following charges: (4) possession of drug paraphernalia; (3) careless driving with DUI; (3) minor in possession of alcohol; (2) running a red light with DUI; (2) noise violations; a domestic violence charge; a disorderly conduct; a DUI, a shoplifting; a speeding with DUI; a public intoxication with failure to comply; a failure to dim headlights with no driver’s license no car insurance; no driver’s license with no car insurance but use of false identifying information; a speeding with no seatbelt and a suspended driver’s license and also a warrant served; a possession of fake ID with minor in possession of alcohol; a careless driving with suspended driver’s license and DUI; and a driving with no seatbelt, no driver’s license nor car insurance.

University police’s crime report site is currently down.

Oxford Fire Department responded to the following calls: a small amount of spilled gas at Kroger’s gas station, a kitchen heat detector malfunction at Northgate B204, an alarm panel still flooded at Molly Barr Trails building 5, a heat detector malfunction at Natural Products Room 150 H, a smoke detector activated by steam from shower at Pi Kappa Phi, a smoke detector malfunction from HVAC room smoke at Tad Smith Coliseum, and finally a fire pump activation due to drop in water pressure on campus at Crosby Hall just this morning.

All pictures and lists in Oxford Crime Report are provided by law personnel to as part of the public record. All persons depicted are innocent until convicted by a court of law.