Saturday, December 3, 2022

8 Reasons Why Ole Miss’ Taylor-Alice Mays is the Perfect Valentine

While you may already have a special someone in mind this Valentine’s Day, 2015’s Most Beautiful at the University of Mississippi may be able to change that.

Taylor-Alice Mays and her mother after being crowned University of Mississippi's Most Beautiful Feb. 4. Photos courtesy Taylor-Alice Mays
Taylor-Alice Mays and her mother after being crowned University of Mississippi’s Most Beautiful Feb. 4.
Photos courtesy Taylor-Alice Mays

Taylor-Alice Mays was named 2015’s Most Beautiful Woman at the University of Mississippi, and she took the win in stride.

“I was shocked and completely humbled. There were 96 other beautiful girls in the pageant. An overwhelming sense of gratitude washed over me.”

Second, no chocolate required! She’s always fit and ready for the next title competition.

“I didn’t prepare for very long. About two weeks before I watched what I ate and hit the gym pretty regularly to make sure I could still fit into my dress.”

She’s a humble young lady looking to be a leader and trying to make a difference for beautiful young women like herself.

“I whole-heartedly comprehend the fact that this is just an earthly crown and carries no weight in eternity. Though the title of Most Beautiful is only given based upon four people’s opinion, I still think the title carries with it the idea of beauty being an internal and external concept. In regards to deserving the title, I believe there were numerous girls last night that deserved the crown and I am just humbled the judges saw me as one of them.”

She is a sorority girl who is loved by her “sisters.”

“I was one of 10 girls sponsored by Delta Gamma.”

Dressing in pretty gowns is a hobby of hers, so compliment her with flowers.

image3“I already had the dress. I had worn it in Miss University in the fall. I loved it so much, I wanted to wear it again and Parade of Beauties was the perfect opportunity! I bought it from Proms and Promises in Haleyville, Alabama.”

She could be the next Miss America, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

When asked if she were going to continue competing in future pageants, Mays said, “I do intend on continuing for a little while longer.”

She thinks of the ones she loves the most while competing.

“The interview portion was only 60 seconds. I walked in, introduced myself and was allowed to tell the judges anything I wanted. Feb. 4 would have been my Granny’s 77th birthday. I wore an interview dress in her favorite colors and told a funny story from my childhood with her in it!”

Last but not least, she survived being run over by a golf cart.

“To the judges, thank you for this opportunity to represent my school and for laughing at my story about being run over by a golf cart the day before kindergarten! To the girls in my dressing room, thank you for cutting up with me and making last night so memorable!”


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