Thursday, July 7, 2022

Hey Katy Perry, Be This Sweet Man’s Date!

Clay Tucker

Clay Tucker is a junior finance major at University of Mississippi who has a goal before graduation: take Katy Perry to his fraternity’s formal.

A little over two weeks ago in search of a date for the Kappa Alpha Order’s upcoming formal Tucker had an idea: he could ask Katy Perry to be his date.

“I wanted to do a tweet like these high schoolers do when they ask for a number of retweets to ask someone to prom,” said Tucker.

He tweeted in a similar fashion to the tune of his favorite Perry song, ‘Teenage Dream.’ So far he garnered 55 retweets and 16 favorites from his fraternity brothers and his little sister’s sorority Alpha Delta Pi.

Katy Perry has until early April to say yes since Kappa Alpha’s formal will be in New Orleans from April 17 to 19.

“If I can get her to acknowledge the tweet, that’d be cool,” said Tucker. But he’d be blown away if Katy Perry said yes, and won’t mind if she’d rather wait until next year during her upcoming tour.

“I mean, it’d be fantastic. I’d definitely wait until next year too,” he said.

Tucker admitted he didn’t know much about Katy Perry until she showed up for the Ole Miss – Bama showdown that first weekend of October. He took to her right away.

“University of Mississippi doesn’t seem to have a permanent celebrity figure other than the athletes,” he said. “It’s awesome that Katy Perry has an honorary alum status at Ole Miss.”

We at decided we’ll help him ask Katy Perry out! Y’all go retweet him and help share this video below:

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