Sunday, August 14, 2022

Vassallo: It’s a Dog World in Oxford

The Vassallos' beloved Daphene
The Vassallos’ beloved Daphene

Early this morning at Lake Patsy here in Oxford the thermometer showed a brisk 15 degrees. However, it was midsummer for my Real Estate associate, Daphne.

I did everything I could to hold her back from going swimming. She often takes a dip when the temperature is below freezing. However, I thought 15 was a bit much even for the half Golden-Chow mix.

Daphne and Trixi are both rescue dogs from the Madison ARK that have made wonderful companions as well as Real Estate associates I am the “neighborhood watch dog” after all.

Lake Patsy is a tremendous community asset that is utilized by literally thousands of residents, visitors and canines year round. Growing up in Nashville we enjoyed one of the best park systems to be found anywhere. The same can be said for Oxford now.

If you have never taken advantage of this amenity on Oxford’s Westside you need to do so. It is not uncommon to see deer and even fawns on the jogging path as well as other animals.

Lamar Park is one of many features that makes Oxford such a wonderful place to live or visit. Speaking of which, here are my Top Ten:

  • 1. The beautiful Ole Miss campus
  • 2. The Square
  • 3. Lamar Park
  • 4. Lamar Boulevard
  • 5. The rolling tree-lined neighborhoods
  • 6. The outgoing friendly hospitality found here
  • 7. The “can do” attitudes
  • 8. The history
  • 9. The climate (omitting today’s)
  • 10. The Ford Center
  • These are just the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended).

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