Tuesday, May 17, 2022

10s of Oxford Help Achieve Wedding Bliss


The wedding season is upon us (amid all the ice) so we chose to celebrate our 10s of Oxford for their hard work in ensuring wedding bliss.

Michelle Rounsaville-Love


Michelle Rounsaville-Love is well into the second year of her restaurant, My Michelle’s, located across from Lamar Lounge on North Lamar Boulevard. Her restaurant serves up homemade inspired meals that eating there could make your mother happy.

She is a native Oxonian who discovered her love of cooking through her degree in hospitality management at University of Mississippi. She also attended Culinary School at Colorado Mountain College. Her know how certainly shows in her quality catering for the weddings.

Rounsaville-Love has said that she wants her catering to reflect the theme and personalities of each and every wedded couples. She and her staff have 15 years of experience and they put considerable thought into custom-menus to ensure a memorable dining experience.

Alley Daily

Alley Daily

Alley Daily is a manger at Pure Ryde on 319 North Lamar Boulevard in Oxford. The fitness center combines both cycling and pilates. This month is the first anniversary since she began working at Pure Ryde.

Daily has long been a group fitness instructor who taught kickboxing at the Turner Center at University of Mississippi in her college days. She was also a personal trainer. In addition to Pure Ryde she also teaches classes at Rebel Fitness, a new 24 hour gym that opened recently this year at 1627 W. Jackson Avenue with a group fitness center at 125B Heritage Drive.

Daily is a bride-to-be with her wedding approaching this spring. For brides worrying about fitting in their dresses can sign up to take a class from a fellow bride-to-be. The fitness classes she teaches are certain to burn thousands of calories off anyone willing to keep up with her drive.

Ann-Marie Blaylock Wyatt


Ann-Marie Blaylock Wyatt is a celebrated Oxonian photographer whose work has been recently featured on Premiere Bride of Mississippi and The Daily Journal.

She owns Taylor Square that was launched in 2012 after five years’ experience of co-owning Sweet Water Images. Her passion for photography began in her childhood and as she has said in her personal bio she was more than happy to have a creative outlet for her long-honed skills.

Taylor Square has few spots left open for the 2015. Be sure to visit the site and enjoy the snow day pictures on Taylor Square Photography’s Facebook.

Callie Daniels is a staff writer for HottyToddy.com. She can be reached at callie.daniels@hottytoddy.com.