Sunday, December 10, 2023

Vassallo: Have You Been Dreaming Lately?

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Tulane’s School of Continuing Studies Madison Campus is set to host a special series of campus workshops open to the public beginning Friday, March 20.

The workshops will start at 10:30 and conclude by 1:30. The registration is $10 at the door. The campus site is located at 2115 Main Street in the city of Madison.

The workshop, “How to Understand your Dreams,” will be led by facilitator Karen Mori Bonner, MS, LPC. It will be the first workshop starting on Friday, March 20. Facilitator Bonner will explainhow dreams lead one to a deeper self-understanding, increase problem solving abilities and inspire creativity. This workshop will explain the structure of the psyche that is the source of dreams and offer multiple ways to immediately begin interpreting dreams.

Karen Mori Bonner is a counselor with a special interest and expertise in dreaming who is well known for her seminars and workshops focusing on the dream world.

Dreams have always fascinated me in that mine do not occur regularly and when they do, the subjects are all over the board. Years ago on television there was a series (I believe, but am not 100% certain) that were inspired by stories from Reader’s Digest.

One of these particularly interested me as it was about a guy who actually dreamt the winning names of horses prior to the races. He lived near a track and was able to test his dreams when those horses ran. This unusual gift lasted for a short period and validated his dreaming.

I have never dreamt about winning horses, but I still dream in the daytime that Ole Miss will win the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Maybe this is the year for that dream to come through. Hotty Toddy!

Steve Vassallo

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