Thursday, December 8, 2022

Ole Miss Chancellor Jones Improving, in Recovery Mode

University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones has been spending most of his time in Jackson during his lymphoma treatment.

11033927_10152826990028285_1585326359077042613_nJones released this upbeat statement Friday about his progress:

Lydia and I continue to be grateful and overwhelmed with support from colleagues and friends while we deal with my illness. At the end of February, we completed the last scheduled round of chemotherapy and are now in the recovery mode from treatment.

Though uncertainties will exist for a while as with any cancer, we are pleased to be at this stage of completion of the planned systemic chemotherapy.  I will continue to have intrathecal (in the spinal fluid) injections monthly for a few more months as a precaution.  And we will have follow-up tests including scans in the future to check on our status.  We are so grateful for clear tests to this point and for the opportunity to return to Oxford and assume responsibilities as chancellor.

Thank you for your prayers and friendship.  Hope to see you soon.