Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Vogue Hair Fashions: In a ‘Steel Magnolias’ State of Mind

When Tim Phillips bought ownership of Vogue Hair Fashions nearly 25 years ago, I don’t think he had a clue what was to come of it and his staff. The pure, old school 80s vibe and upbeat stylists really lifts your skirt right up.

YayaI stepped inside the doors of Vogue Hair Fashions to ladies grinning and welcoming me right on in. Amanda Tarkington, a Vogue stylist for 24 years, was in the process of getting her hair washed while Cathy Rosamond, the newest addition to Vogue, hovered over her laughing and making jokes about her spilling her coke all over her. “This is the best part about being a hair dresser at Vogue Hair Fashions. We can joke around with one another, wash our hair if we pop a coke can in our face and just have a good time being at work,” Amanda said.

As soon as I walked into this salon I felt like a part of their family, like a little piece of a story from Steel Magnolias. I didn’t realize I had said this out loud until Amanda chimed in saying: “We get called the Steel Magnolias of Oxford from some customers. We even get Christmas cards that say, ‘to the girls of Vogue’s Steel Magnolias’.”

IMG_2612-1When asked what sets them apart from the other salons in Oxford, a New Albany client Kim Black, voiced her opinion quickly saying, “If you need a good laugh, come here.  That’s the reason we all get along so well- we’re crazy.  Everybody here is down to earth.  I can come in here with no makeup on and in my pajamas and it doesn’t matter- they won’t judge you.”

“We have customers coming from all over, from Biloxi to Tupelo, they’re loyal and we love having them here,” said Cathy, who quickly let me know her nickname is YaYa. “Being the ‘steel magnolias’ of Oxford, clients love coming to us from all over.  There’s something old about us that sets us apart from everyone else.  There’s no one like us.”

IMG_2611-1Amanda has such a strong demeanor about her and you can instantly tell that this girl loves her job.  I asked what helps her to enjoy her job- what was the inspiration behind her 25 years of being a hair stylist and she replied: “Funny you ask that.  I was bald until I was two years old.  I come from a long line of hair dressers- from my Uncle Sam being a barber in Oxford most his life to my Aunt Kathleen being in the business, I knew it was what I wanted to do.  So I love the story of my mother telling me when I was a little girl I didn’t have any hair, I was as bald as a biscuit.” At this point all of us girls busted out laughing. “And back in the old’n days, they wore wigs and my grandmother had a lot of wigs.  I got real quiet one day and they found me in my grandmother’s closet with all her wigs on the floor trying them on.”

The laughs and the realness of their environment continued into when I asked Amanda what she thought of ‘bushy’ eyebrows coming back in to style.  She said “Hunny, you call them bushy, I call it na-tu-ral.” I couldn’t help but laugh and Amanda kept on with saying, “We’re real here.  You wanted to know what set us apart from the other salons, that’s it. You can come in any time, whenever, we will always treat you the same.  Whether you’re a baby or bringing your grandmother in, everyone gets the same treatment and the same loving and goofy me.”

What kind of specials do you have? 

“Girl, we have the best competitive prices in Oxford when it comes to getting your nails done,” Yaya happily said. “Twenty dollar manicures and twenty-five dollar Get Shellac manicures. We also have hair extensions that come from Louisiana.  They are used to thicken your hair or for length. I give free consultations.  It all depends on what you want done when it comes to pricing them.  The extensions usually cost $1800 but we’ve changed that price to make it a little more affordable for this town.”

Amanda and Yaya are also offering a women’s highlight and cut now through the end of April for $80 as well as $3 off any men’s haircut up until Easter Sunday.

Their hours are Monday through Saturday 9:00 am until the last client leaves. For other salon services, contact Yaya, Amanda, Kim Linton, or Judy Phillips at (662) 234-1152.  Amanda and Yaya graciously left their cell numbers for clients as well.  Amanda: (662) 607-1272. Yaya: (662) 654-7278.

Brittany Bugg is a HottyToddy.com staff reporter and can be reached at brittany.bugg@hottytoddy.com.

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