Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Going ‘Krogering’ Will Soon be a Different Shopping Experience for Oxford Area

An example of a Kroger Marketplace in Ft. Worth, Texas.
An example of a Kroger Marketplace in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Before long when customers go “Krogering,” they’re going to be doing it in a much larger and more versatile store. Construction on the new Kroger Marketplace will begin in early 2016.

DSC_1145The new Marketplace will reportedly be a one-stop shopping experience for the customer, by carrying apparel, selections for the home, small appliances, a bistro and an expanded natural food section as well as an open air seafood market. The Kroger Fuel Station and Pharmacy, of course, will remain.

The existing store will not close during the expansion and any customer interruptions due to construction purportedly will be minimal. The store is enlarging from its present 54,000 square feet to 123,000 square feet.

The stores that remain in the shopping center today may or may not be relocated as Kroger officials have told the media the details are still being worked out.

As to why Kroger decided to expand their Oxford location, company officials told media that they want to provide a great shopping experience for their loyal Oxford customers.

No definite completion date has been reported yet.

HottyToddy.com will keep you updated on the expansion as more information becomes available.

Angela Rogalski is a HottyToddy.com staff reporter and can be reached at angela.rogalski@hottytoddy.com.