Tuesday, March 2, 2021

All About that Trash: Lafayette Country Libertarian Party Regularly Picks up Litter on Hwy. 6

Picking up highway trash may not seem like a political statement, but for the Lafayette Count Libertarians, it is a way to demonstrate the principles of their party.

LibsTrashThe local group regularly cleans up their adopted section of the Highway Six bypass. Their most recent pick-up day was April 11.

Group members were appalled at the huge amount of trash they picked up along just one mile that day. The Mississippi Department of Transportation spends a reported $ 3.2 million yearly on litter.

“Highway litter is a huge problem in our state and our local areas that costs a great deal of money to clean up,” said Richard Gaines, Lafayette County Libertarian chair. “But our volunteers collect not a penny of taxpayer money.

The Libertarians wanted to demonstrate that they not only care about Oxford, but that government funds could be saved if volunteers take over such duties, Gaines said.

In his blog about the reasons for the trash pick-up, Gaines wrote, “By voluntarily cleaning up a part of Oxford, we’re showing that such things can be done without the government demanding that they be done or penalizing those who don’t take part. It’s a small gesture on our part, but a small group of volunteers can make a lot of progress.”

The local party meets most Wednesdays at varying local restaurants at 7:30 p.m. For more information on the Lafayette Libertarians, contact them at lafayettelibertarian@mslp.org or visit their website.