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Landshark Delivery Brings Oxford Favorites to Front Door with Simple Click

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Oxford is one of the greatest food towns in the world, and a new local delivery service will help bring the amazing tastes right to your door at the click of a button.

Landshark Delivery, owned by Robert Bettis and Tanner Thompson, opened earlier this week. The pair has experience in the restaurant delivery service as managers for Crimson2Go, a similar company located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and decided to bring the concept to Oxford.

“We love it here. Everyone seems very cordial and nice, and the market is perfect for it,” Bettis, a Tuscaloosa native, said. “We love the SEC, and we wanted to expand to a market which is comparable to our four other affiliated companies in Athens, Auburn, Tuscaloosa and Manhattan. All of these companies have very popular followings, I would say even more popular than the big chains. People love local food being delivered way more than the big chains.”

Screenshot from Landshark Delivery website
Screenshot from Landshark Delivery website

By ordering through the website, customers can have food delivered from a string of Oxford favorites, including Casa Mexicana, South Depot and Rib Cage, with a $2.99 delivery fee for the first three miles and an additional $.80/mile up to six miles total from the restaurant. Bettis said he plans to add more dining options to the service this fall.

“I can’t give away any secrets, but we have a lot of restaurants interested and plan on bringing on more during the summer when things slow down,” Bettis said. “It’s also much easier to approach a restaurant when they’re slow rather than when they’re busy.”

While many Oxford restaurants such as Jimmy John’s and Pita Pit do have delivery options, Landshark Delivery branches out to attempt to include more local fare and give both students and residents options without leaving home.

“It’s my opinion that when someone wants delivery, they only want delivery. College students love delivery. Universities even team up with delivery restaurants in their towns, offering differing payment plans/options for the restaurant they choose,” Bettis said. “To bring a variety of restaurants to a city that only had a limited amount of restaurants that delivered before, it changes the entire dynamic of food delivery. Now someone can order more of a variety, rather than just the few restaurants that deliver the same product.

“Not only does this benefit the people of Oxford, but it benefits the restaurants too. It allows them to offer a product for delivery without the need for additional resources when they typically would not have been able to offer their product for delivery in the first place. It’s also a great marketing tool. This is a benefit for everyone.”

For more information on Landshark Delivery, visit the website or contact Bettis and Thompson at (662) 655-4111.

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